Changing a User to Technician or Vice Versa


Currently, to change the status of someone in your system from a user to a technician or vice versa is a work-around situation. The steps to do so are as follows in the resolution section. The steps in this article are going to assume that you are changing a user to a technician. If you are changing a technician to a user, you will use the same steps.


All of the following steps will be performed in the Edit Logins section accessed from the Configuration page. 1. In the current account that you would like changed you will need to add a character to the email address/login that makes it unique from any other email address in your system. Example: My email address is would change this to 2. Add a New Login with the correct email address. Select "Add New Login", Slect "Technician", type in correct email address. Example: **NOTE** This will not work if this person is associated with more than one department. 3. Delete the Login with the incorrect email address (See step 1). You will be prompted to select a person to "Assign the Workload" to another person. 4. Select the new account that you created in Step 2. This will migrate the two accounts together, and the person will now be at the desired level of usage.

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  1. Patrick Clements
    Aug 15, 2002 11:29 AM (UTC-05:00)

    When a new database is added to an account the "work
    around" method does not need to apply. Users and
    technicians can simply be deleted and readded correctly.
    This is only done when there has been no activity in the
    new database.

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